August - December (17 Weeks)
August 3rd December 12, 2015
Christmas Recital Dec. 13th 2015

January - May 2016 (17 weeks)
January  TBA- May  TBA  2016 
Spring Recital- May TBA  2016 

June 3rd -  August 1, 2015 
No Recital
This is an 8 week program scheduled in a 9 week period.  The client also has their choice of one week vacation.

Art-is...LLC will close for Fall Break, Christmas break,(2015) and Spring Break.(2016)  The studio closes for professional development.
You will be informed of any conflicting dates with your lesson
Severe Weather will also change the calendar. 

Studio hours for
Semester 2015 

Monday 2pm - 7:30pm
Wednesday 2pm - 7:30
Thursday 1PM -7:30

Studio hours 
Summer 2015

Wednesday   2 pm - 7 pm
Thursday  2 pm - 7 pm
Friday 2 pm - 7 pm


Tuition is payment for the student's course of ongoing music study, which includes the Earn and Learn Music store, two recitals (Dec and May)

The tuition you pay reserves a weekly time in the schedule for the student for one semester.  When you register ($25 fee) you are securing your spot.
If you take breaks and sit out a semester or take off for the summer there is a re-registration fee of $25
The registration fee is non refundable.

2015 Tuition schedule
Tuition is based on the length of the lesson. (17 week semester)
15 minute - $180.00 (3-5 years )
30 minute - $359.00
45 minute - $538.00
60 minute - $718.00

2015 Summer tuition
Summer Semester (8 week)
15 minute - $85.00 (3-5 years old)
30 minute - $170.00
45 minute - $254.00
60 minute - $338.00

Summer tuition is paid in full at registration time.  There are no makeups in the summer.

Tuition's and registrations are not refundable as a general rule.

Makeups due to illness must be made in the same  semester, they do not carry over.
It is the responsibility of parent and student
to secure a makeup.


In Full  -  Payment due prior to starting the  first lesson. 

Once you choose a payment plan it remains for the entire semester,
even if you choose to pay in advance.

2 Payments 
Fall- Aug and Oct
Winter- Jan and March

15 minute - $ 99.00 x 2
30 minute - $198.00 x 2
45 minute - $278.00 x 2
60 minute - $384.00 x 2

4 Payments
Fall- Aug, Sept, Oct,Nov 
Winter - Jan, Feb, March, April

15 minute - $56.00 x 4
30 minute - $110.00 x 4
45 minute - $166.00 x 4
60 minute - $220.00 x 4

Late fees/Returned Checks
Friendly email reminders will be sent.
Please be prompt with your payment schedule. Payments received after the 15th of the month will carry a $10 late fee.

Payments remain constant regardless of the number of lessons received in any given month.

Returned check fee is $25.00

There is a $5 book keeper fee to straighten out your records.

Rescheduled lesson is a swapped lesson with another student.
The studio has an exchange list with the names and phone numbers of clients. You find the swap that is equal in minutes to yours. Once the swap is made you must call the studio to confirm the swap.
Forfeited Lesson  is a lesson that you forget to attend or choose not to reschedule.  Sports,plays, vacations, school activities, life is to busy, too much homework, other family member illnesses, doctor appointments, forgetting to practice and so on....
Remember forfeited lessons can turn into rescheduled lessons if you choose.

Canceled lessons are canceled due to severe weather deemed by Art-is...LLC Professional development, teacher illness/emergencies.
The studio will makeup lessons through emails and studio bulletin board.
If the studio is ever running behind the whole studio will be on delay. You will still get your minutes.